This article is a license between a Pylo user (later user), who either uses Pylo's website or on its child websites, downloads content from these websites, registers on these websites, uses our software and/or services. Each website which is powered by Pylo has its own terms of use which are upgrade of these terms. Terms specific to one website can override parts of these terms, but all of them also inherit these terms.
Terms of use consist of multiple documents found on our website:
  • The terms on this page
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Compliance
  • Terms of use and other documents found on our child websites and only apply to these websites, but inherit these terms

When we refer to Pylo websites, all websites owned or maintained by Pylo are included. These are:

  • all websites on the domain or any subdomain of domain
  • all websites on the domain or any subdomain of domain

1. Trademarks

Pylo is a trademark and cannot be used by another company or website in case that this website, company or product is related to the technology in any direct or indirect way.

1.1 Brand material

Generally you are not allowed to use Pylo logo and brand material. The only permitted use of this material is when the use is related to mentioning or relating to our company and/or website (in ex. post about our new product and you use this material to relate to our website/company, using our logo in your video reviewing our product or software and mentioning this product was made by Pylo). If this is the case, you are allowed use our brand material provided below as long as you explicitly state that the logo (or other brand material) is property of Pylo Company (our website and is used in relation with our company. You are not allowed to modify this material or use it for your own purpose or in any direct commercial use. Do not use the Pylo logo in products, product packaging and for any other case where a formal license is required. We reserve the permission to terminate or modify the permission to display the logo (or other brand material; even only for a specific case) if we find the use of the brand material is not appropriate in our means.


2. Content on this website

Content on this website is our property are you are not allowed to copy, distribute and/or modify it by any means. You are allowed to cite parts of our articles as long as you give us full credit and make a relevant reference to the source of your citation which must point to our website. You can also refer to our page from your website or blog using anchor links. You are even welcome to do this.

2.1 The actuality of the content

We don't provide any warranty that all the content on our website is up to date. However, if you find a thing that you think should be updated or is irrelevant, you can report this by using our contact form.

2.2 Takedown requests

If the content you found on any of our websites belongs to you and was posted on our page without your permission or even without you knowing, contact us and request content takedown. We take these requests very seriously and we consider each request and take down your content as soon as possible.


3. Privacy

This website tracks traffic using Google Analytics. You agree that we collect visit data and your country information, OS and browser for statistics. Some of our websites also use AdSense to show ads that might be specifically selected based on your interest. We are not allowed to and won't forward your data to a third party person or a company. Our website uses cookies to make your experience better and to provide you single sign on experience across our websites. For more information about privacy on our website, please refer to our Privacy policy.


4. Pylo Account

You may make a Pylo account. We have rights to delete your account if it's older than 9 months and hasn't been used or active for this age. We won't send you any newsletter without your prior permission expect for the important notifications such as changes to these terms or for special occasions such as product releases.



Comments on Pylo websites are powered by Disqus, but not on all of them. You are not allowed to post any spam, offensive talk, advertisements or adult content in any part of our website. The same applies for other parts of websites like community or forums. If you do so, we will warn you and we have a right to remove your account without any warning. If your comment is not in the context but doesn't violate the terms mentioned above we have right to remove this comment and even remove user account in case that this multiple times.


6. Changes of these terms

We have rights to update these terms without notifying you about the change. It is your duty to periodically check this page for updates of these terms as long as you use our website or do any other activity that enforces the agreement to these terms (these activities are listed on top of this page).