Software development

Pylo provides good software development team that can take any challenge and turn it into an actual product. We have plenty of experience in the field of custom IDE development, drone control algorithms, image processing, computer vision, network communication, video streaming and much more. Contact us if you are interested in outsourcing your software problem to our team of engineers that will help you complete your product in the best way possible.

Develop Minecraft mods without single line of code
MCreator is mod making tool developed by Pylo. It allows you to make simple and complex Minecraft mods without programming. At the same time, it provides good toolkit for advanced modders to speed up the developement process.
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MCreator for Education
MCreator is an excellent tool to engage the interest for programming and computers in students and workshop attenders. With MCreator, they can learn basic concepts of programming in both visual in actual coding way.
MCreator for Education
Minecraft Link

We have developed a system for interconnection of Minecraft with the real world using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. It can be a great idea for a weekend project or STEM workshop and can also be an introduction to the world of microcontrollers and electronics.

Pylo on GitHub

Developers at Pylo are aware of the importance of the open source software so we share some of our creations that could help others on our official GitHub repository.