After months of leaks, hints, and posts on social networks, new websites for both Pylo and MCreator are here. And not only websites, a new domain for our Minecraft mod maker is here too.

Pylo website

A new website system is now running behind the scenes - Drupal 8. We have been working hard to write all the migration scripts and port all the modules to make this possible. With this new system, a website will be much much faster than before. The overall style of Pylos website was not changed that much, but we still added some nice refreshments.

New MCreator website

We also made a whole rewrite for MCreator website. This website is running on Drupal 8 too. There have been many changes on the website, but the most important ones are:

  • responsive design of the website,
  • removal of ads,
  • improved download system,
  • better user profiles and modification pages.

The load time of MCreator website has been improved for almost 10 times, which is a very important change, and the size of the overall page was also decreased for quite a lot.

For a full changelog of changes for MCreator website, read official release article on

Move to domain

As you have most likely noticed, we have moved MCreator to its own domain - We have been thinking and discussing this move for quite a lot of time and have finally come to the conclusion that MCreator grew so much that it deserves its own domain and website, separated from core Pylo website.

MCreator will still be developed by Pylo and nothing else changed, we just moved the website to a new domain to make a better separation between websites.

User accounts will still be shared so Pylo Account system is still active. All the accounts and their content has been migrated from the old website to the new one, so you can use new website as if nothing changed.

Help us improve the website

As it goes with all updates, there will be bugs. To help us improve your experience as quickly as possible, you are welcome to contact us and report any problems or ideas for suggestions in case that you have experienced a problem or have a nice idea.