We have released MCreator for Arduino - a toolkit that will enable MCreator users to connect their Minecraft client with their Arduino circuits. The main purpose of this project is to expand the educational uses of MCreator and to spark the interest for hardware projects in more people.

In the release article on MCreator's website, Klemen highlighted the educational importance of this project for workshops and summer camps as a lot of them use MCreator as a part of their program.

As it has a lot of potential and as it can be connected with your computer, we have decided to develop a toolkit to make connection between your mods and MCreator possible. Our toolkit is aimed mainly to people who use MCreator and would like to expand their knowledge horizon with some hardware projects in a fun way using Minecraft and for summer camps to be able to offer interesting workshops which connect two great educational tools: MCreator and Arduino

In order to use MCreator for your Arduino projects, one needs to download MCreator's Arduino Toolkit with Arduino connector software, sample Arduino sketch files and with custom codes required to send packets from MCreator mod to the connector. These codes can be used in any MCreator that supports events and custom codes, so all the currently popular versions of Minecraft are covered by our toolkit.


If you would like to learn more about the toolkit or to download it, visit it's official page on MCreator's website. We will also publish some tutorials on how to use our toolkit. The first one was already posted on our YouTube channel and you can wath it below.

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