New release of MCreator 1.7.0 for Minecraft 1.10.2 introduces new code editor along many other new features and bug fixes. This purpose of this editor is to make MCreator interesting and useful for advanced modders to as this allows them to develop their mods with IDE highly adapted for this purpose.

MCreator 1.7.0 is one of the biggest updates in the history of MCreator. With this update, many new features were introduced including support for multiple biomes, search bars in custom tabs, custom fluids with physical properties and more.

The code of MCreator was heavily organized and refactored and optimized. This fixes many minor bugs that annoyed users for quite a lot of time. We have reduced the size of MCreator for almost 100MB on Windows machines by removing some unused libraries. We have also improved installer, performance of element creation by caching elements and resources and much more.

Some of the major bugs were fixes such as reobfFailed and Gradle errors, tree related bugs in biomes and many other bugs. You can find full changelog in the MCreator 1.7.0 release post on MCreator's website.

The front page of the integrated code editor lists some useful commands for recompiling, reformating code. You can also use Ctrl + W to fix and organize imports. This function won't only organize and remove unused imports but also import missing classes if you added new elements to the code. You can also open Minecraft code tools, a new feature added in this version to make Minecraft mod creation even faster.

Minecraft code tools is a menu which can be easily accessed using your keyboard. From here, you can insert block, item or item stack code or even generate event code or AI task. Using this tool, you can quickly fix your code and add new functions to it.

We have also improved search and replace menus. They now appear on top of the code view so they don't obstruct your view on the code. They used to have some bugs and didn't search on the Enter key press, but now they search/replace in real time, mark occurrences and have some other useful features.

Autocomplete was improved too. Now it's even smarter, it can detect some more contexts and provide you assistance based on them. It can assist you with icons of blocks and items, it helps you fill the parameters of methods and is now much more integrated into the UI style of MCreator. It will hopefully make MCreator's code editor even more useful.

And last but not least, code outline generator was improved. Now it is bound to the code editor so each tab has it's own outline generator. We have moved it to the right side as on the left, there is project browser. You can navigate through the code using code outline view and it provides you an easy way to find a specific class or method in large files such as custom dimensions.

This update really introduces many new features that improve MCreator and prove that it really is "the best Minecraft mod maker". Make sure to also read official release article and make sure to download it and see how well it performs by yourself!