MCreator's website update - New design, download count and more!

You might have already noticed that the website has changed a bit in the past days. Are you wondering what else has been changed and improved on our website? Click read more to see what has been changed.

Firstly, our website is now responsive. It's still not 100% but it scales enough to be used on tablet devices. For mobile devices, we will still keep separate website for now. You can now switch between mobile and desktop version of the website by using links in the footer of the website. We have also widened the website for all browsers that are wider than 1100px. This makes website more readable.

The next thing we did is improved header of the website. Image now changes based on the context of the content and menu was also improved.

Last but not least, we migrated to the new file system (that's why our website was down for 4 hours yesterday). Now you can finally track download count of the mod files! This was one of the most requested things regarding the website and now it works. Mod counting started yesterday and it started from 0, so don't be suprised if you don't have much downloads on your mod yet. But hey, share your mod with the new and improved social sharing mechanism on our website! Share your mod with friends and get more downloads and better rating.

Download counter displays the amount of downloads of your Minecraft mod

Example of the mod counter for the previous mod of the week

There were also some other minor changes but more or less, that's it. Stay tuned as we are already working on the first bugfix update for the MCreator for Minecraft 1.8. Did you notice that the mod of the week was already 1.8 mod?