MCreator 1.6.1 supports custom 3D obj model importing for blocks, tools, guns, and items. You can import models from practically any 3D modeling software which supports triangulated OBJ mesh exporting. MCreator is compatible with Blender and this tutorial will show you how to make a simple model for your custom block and how to import it into MCreator's interface.

You can see the tutorial from our YouTube channel below:

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Submitted by alex450 on Sat, 03/02/2019 - 14:41

hello I make a mod for me and my friends for a server 1.7.10 to us, and I can not import the 3D model with several types of files (JSON, .JAVA and OBJ).
I hope I will have answers thank you.

MCreator 1.7.10 does not support OBJ JSON and OBJ models, only JAVA models.