We are launching a new website section - MCreator for education. MCreator is an excellent tool to engage the interest for programming and computers in children, students and teenagers and therefore we decided to make a section dedicated to it.

(pictures above were provided by Sandbox4Kids)

In this section, you can find list of upcoming MCreator workshops, camps and events, find useful educational materials for MCreator and much more. This page was inspired by many existing workshops, so the aim of this page is to help them to find new ideas and also to inspire teachers and workshop organizers to use MCreator as a tool to inpire studens for programming. One of the existing workshops was a small after-school STEM program called Robotics, organized by Connor. This is what he told us about MCreator:

When I found MCreator, I instantly saw the potential it had for teaching students. Minecraft was already a well known gateway to learning coding, since the kids who played it wanted to know how to manipulate the game and create things of their own. But many kids didn't like typing code, they couldn't understand it, or they didn't have the patience. After all, many fans of Minecraft tend to be young kids. So with MCreator, they could still make the kids they wanted to, but see what they were doing. It was easier. But what's even better, is the kids learn aspects of coding. They begin to understand how the game works, so if they start using the code, it'd make more sense to them. MCreator also allows you to edit your mods in programs for coding like Eclipse, so the students could problem solve and learn the ways of code while doing so. MCreator opened doors for many of my students, and has given them an incredible way to learn about code and game design, while playing the game they love so much.

If you would like to see MCreator's education pages, click on the link.

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming MCreator summer camps. We are also going to post some new tutorials soon.