After the first release of MCreator for Minecraft 1.8, we are ready to release another MCreator for this Minecraft version which should fix most of the bugs that were found. If you would like to see what bugs were fixed and to download it, hit read more!

Before I list all the bugfixes, I would like to show you another thing that was added in this MCreator update. Minecraft test environment RAM amount selection - no more lagging while testing your mods! Inside preferences menu, you can find RAM amount selector section. See the image below:



So here is the list of all the things that were added:

  • Updated Minecraft Forge that is used by MCreator to 1.8 build 1450
  • Exported mods have auhor tag set to the Pylo username in case MCreator is synced
  • Added support for the block transparency with levels
  • Added JVM RAM selection
  • Cleaned up the code to improve the performance

And here is the list of all the bugs that were fixed:

  • Block custom drops aren't working
  • Is block collidable option is not working
  • Slime blocks cause recompilation errors
  • MCreator doesn't launch on some Unix based systems because of the case sensitive file naming
  • Block drop particles are pink and black
  • Update tick event didn't work for blocks
  • Tools are not held properly in third person
  • EXE file for MCreator is not signed and therefore causes false positives with some antivirus software
  • Fixed some lag issues
  • Fixed mob on critical hit event not working
  • Mobs now drop items on kill
  • Fixed mob AI tasks not working at all
  • Mob sounds are now working
  • Fixed Minecraft sound list
  • Fixed custom mobs not spawning in some cases

So what do you think about this update? Leave your opinion in the comment section and stay tuned for more updates on MCreator and the website aswell! Do you have idea for something we could make? Leave the comment about it below!

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