If you travel to a foreign country or even if you are in your home country, it's good to know at least something about the rules related to the FPV, Frequency restrictions and some other restrictions that might exist in a specific county in case you fly FPV or make aerial videos.

NOTE: This table is for informative use only. This information is mostly collected from forums. There are some valid sources listed bellow. Most of there information are proper but some might be outdated. We don't take any responsibility if you violate the law because you saw that FPV is legal on this website. Fly on your own risk and be safe!

Country Current status
Short description of regulations
Frequency restrictions Aditional notes / Official page about regulations
United Kingdom
FPV activity is regulated by CAA 
In order to legally fly FPV, you need to:
  • make sure you don't endanger any person or property,
  • you can only fly the aircraft if reasonably satisfied that the flight can safely be made,
  • maintain direct, unaided visual contact with the aircraft sufficient to monitor its flight path in relation to other aircraft, persons, vehicles, vessels, and structures for the purpose of avoiding collisions,
  • must not fly over or within 150 meters of any congested area, within 50 meters of any person and during take-off or landing, a small unmanned surveillance aircraft must not be flown within 30 meters of any person.
900 MHz - used by 3G
1.2 GHz - can not be legally used
1.3 GHz - only permitted with HAM license
2.4 GHz - OK to use, unlimited power with digital link
5.8 GHz - OK to use in range 5725 – 5875 MHz 
Romania FPV is banned
In Romania, you are not allowed to fly FPV or have any other data downlink (telemetry). You airplane (or multirotor, drone) must be lighter than 1 kg.
Legal to use 2,4 GHz for radio, no downlink allowd -
Indonesia FPV is regulated
There is only one known restriction - your aircraft must stay below 400ft (120m)
No frequency restrictions -
North Korea FPV is banned
I think there is nothing else to say
No data yet / probably all of them are restricted -
Croatia FPV is regulated
FPV is generally allowed but filming is not. In order to be film from the air, you need to make flight plan and send it to the Department of Geodesy to review it. After you make your movie, you need to take your material to the Ministry of Defence and competent person will review it. If they find videos ok, they will approve them.
No data yet -
USA FPV is regulated by AMA and FAA
There is hard to say if it is legal or not. FAA wants to ban it but for now, there are some regulations:
  • do not fly above 400 ft,
  • do not fly above a populated area,
  • always fly close enough to see your aircraft also called visual line of sight (VSOL),
  • if flying First Person Video (FPV), have another person standing next to you spotting your aircraft so it does not leave your Visual Line of Sight (VSOL),
  • do not fly within 3 miles of an airport,
  • do not fly your aircraft for any commercial purpose.

1,3GHz - legal channels: 1280 and 1258MHz
2.3GHz which is 2305MHz and 2396MHz - legal with HAM license
2.4 GHz - OK to use
5.8 GHz - OK to use

Click HERE to see places that are 100% illegal to fly
Slovenia FPV is regulated You need to register your flight and the trail of the flight and then you are allowed to fly but you need to consider people's privacy and not fly over crowded areas.
900 Mhz - allowed with HAM license, might interfere with 3G
1.2 GHz - can not be legally used
1.3 GHz - only permitted with HAM license
2.4 GHz - OK to use
5.8 GHz - OK to use - max 100mW without HAM license
There are laws about privacy that state that you need to keep videos private if there are other persons in it.
Australia FPV is regulated
To fly FPV in Australia, you need to:
  • have spotter
  • stay below 400 ft (120m)
  • have flight logger and OSD on your video link
  • have your drone in the line-of-sight area (1km)
900 Mhz - used by 3G
1.2 GHz - can not be legally used
1.3 GHz - only permitted with HAM license
2.4 GHz - OK to use - max 1W
5.8 GHz - OK to use - max 2W
France FPV is banned
FPV activity or filming with flying devices is not permitted in France!
FPV is banned
Austria FPV is allowed with license
There are mass classes of UAVs and based on the weight of your drone, you need to get a license to fly there. Click HERE for more info about these licenses and how to get them.
No data yet
Italy FPV is allowed
In Italy, FPV is allowed. You can even fly in towns and over people but police have permission to politely ask you to move away if the think that you endanger people or property. You need to be authorized to commercially fly and film.
2.4 GHz - OK to use - max 100mW without HAM license
5.8 GHz - OK to use - max 100mW without HAM license
Germany FPV is banned
FPV is not permitted in Germany anymore.
2.4 GHz - OK to use
FPV was banned in April 2016: Click here for more info
Canada FPV is regulated by MAAC
There are some regulations about FPV:
  • You need to keep VLOS with your drone
  • You need to use spotter
  • If you don't have HAM license for some frequencies, you need to have HAM licensed ground station manager
No data yet
Thailand FPV is allowed
In Thailand, you generally can fly FPV. I haven't found much information yet, but Team BlackSheep was there if this tells anything.
1.2 GHz - can not be legally used
2.4 GHz - OK to use
5.8 GHz - OK to use
Spain FPV is regulated In the Spain in the past, FPV was banned but now, there are regulations that only prohibit to fly above 120m.
Norway FPV is allowed In Norway there is no known law directly talking about FPV and UAVs. You can fly FPV as long as you don't disturb anyone.
Switzerland FPV is allowed with permission In Switzerland you need to get permission in order to fly FPV. This permit is valid for one day. This is regulated by BAZL (Bundesamtes für Zivilluftfahrt). They will inspect your drone and if it looks safe and OK, you will get the permission to fly.
No data yet
Click HERE and HERE for more info about permissions.
Estonia FPV is regulated In Estonia, FPV is regulated by only one known rule so far: you mustn't fly above 500ft (152m). You need permission to fly higher. Another thing is that you are not allowed to fly near airports.
1.3 GHz - can not be legally used
2.4 GHz - OK to use
5.8 GHz - OK to use
South Africa FPV is banned In South Africa, SACAA has banned UAS from flying. You are not allowed to fly and airplane or multirotor from the ground. If the police get you in the action, fines are pretty high and you can get even in the prison for up to 10 years.
Hong Kong FPV is regulated by CAD In Hong Kong are some areas where you can fly FPV and somewhere you can not. There are regulations about unmanned aerial systems (CLICK HERE) and about flying model aircraft (CLICK HERE). No data yet Legal to fly areas

If I wrote anything wrong, if you know something more and if you wish to add a country and do the research, write down it in the comments. I am also glad to hear information about other countries if you have them. Stay tuned and don't forget to read other articles about FPV. You can find them in the sidebar of my website or on the front page. I bet you'll find them interesting ;)

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