Behind the scenes: MCreator's Year 2015 Recap

The year 2015 is over and a lot of amazing mods were made using MCreator. This video is a proof of how creative can people with MCreator get. We have chosen the best mods of the weeks in the year 2015 and made compilation of them in this video.

So if you don't know about what we are talking, you should check the MCreator's Year 2015 Recap video right now :D

We have gone throught the list of all the mods of the weeks we had in the the year 2015 and choosen the best of them. These mods were then sorted and we made two modpacks. One for the 1.7.10 and one for the Minecraft 1.8. The scenery was made using two maps:

You can download them and try to find where on the map the shots from the video were taken. We have also used SonicEther's shader pack and Chocapic13's Shaders for some scenes. If you are wondering what mods were used, here you can find a complete list of them:

Final Science
Furniture mod
Beekeeper mod
Double Vanilla
Any Dimension Mod
Cosmos Craft
Awesome space parts
Supermassimo's Black revolution Mod
7 days to Mine
Arctic Mod
Divine Oblivion
Fate Of The World
The Lost Weapons
Anime Weapons Mod
Home Security Mod
Xamaeth Rising Mod
Magenta Worlds
Phone Mod
Definitely NOT Seeds!
5 Towers Of Doom
Pumpkins and Haloween
Winter Activities