Pylo - Innovative Technology

Pylo is a technology company located in Slovenia with a mission to improve the world by making innovative products in a wide range of fields. Our mission is to awake the creativity of people, educate them in technological sense and make their lives better.


We strive for perfection, quality and simplicity. We see technology as art, a tool to make the world a better place. With this in mind we work on our products and projects.

We offer services in a wide scope ranging from software solutions, electrical engineering solutions, complete products and much more. Our team is flexible and prepared to look beyond the horizon of existing technologies available. Our products are sophisticated piece of art. We make sure to make our customers satisfied and happy.

We provide both services and finished products. If you are looking for an electrical engineering, IT or software development outsourcing, don't hesitate to make a partnership with us and talk about what we can offer to you.


Our strong fields in which we have a lot of experience are software development, especially design and development of integrated development environments and drone design.

We also work with drones for a long time and our team has a lot of experience with control algorithms, structural behavior, design and engineering of electronics and controllers for drones and quadcopters.


Pylo has also developed a popular Minecraft mod development tool called MCreator. With this software, you can develop and release custom Minecraft mods (game add-ons) that expand the functionality of the game called Minecraft. It also allows users to make their own add-ons compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi using Minecraft Link. The main goal of Pylo to develop such a program is to enthuse younger generations for programming, software development and with support for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, hardware development too. Even children can use it and as it allows the insight in the code it generates, they can learn the basic concepts of programming with it.


If you would like to partner with us or ask us something, contact us here.